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12/34 Miracle Formula®

LP 250 Anti-Seize Thread
Sealing Compound

(No. 609) Auto & Marine Anti-Seize

1001 Rust Penetrant

2002 All Purpose Oil

Copper-Based Anti-Seize

Zink Plate Anti-Seize

Mica-Based Anti-Seize

(MIL-PRF-907) High Temperature
Anti-Seize Thread Compound

(MIL-PRF-83483) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Molybdenum Disulfide

(SAE-AMS-2518) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Graphite Petrolatum

(A-A-59313) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Zinc Dust Petrolatum

(LF-AS 3-28 / BMS 3-28 A)
Boeing Anti-Seize

(VVP-236) Petrolatum Technical Light
Lubricating Grease

About Us

Founded in Los Angeles in 1928 by Howard Armington, Armite Laboratories provides the aerospace, automotive, marine, industrial maintenance and machinery industries with a full line of anti-seize compounds, sealants, penetrants, lubricants & corrosion inhibitors.

Many of Armite Laboratories products are approved to government specifications, but the company is perhaps best known to the general consumer for its 12/34 Miracle Formula® lubricant -the oldest, finest penetrant and moisture removing lubricant on the market today. Maintenance personnel & shop mechanics including professional tradesmen who want the very best in a specialty lubricant ask for Armite Laboratories products by name.

In 1998, Armite moved its headquarters from Los Angeles to Costa Mesa, California. After years of growth, in 2009 Armite completed the expansion of the facility adding its own test laboratory. This simplified and expedited the testing processing of its military grade compounds.

Our High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound meeting MIL-PRF-907 is now used throughout the U.S military as Armite Laboratories acquired the "Sole Source" designated provider listed on the Qualified Products List.


Private Label Products

Expand Your Product Line

Armite Laboratories supports private label products for a variety of customers throughout the United States and Canada.

Contact us today for information about featuring your company name and logo on our quality lubricants and anti-seize compounds.

Together we can expand your product line to meet the needs of your customers.



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