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12/34 Miracle Formula®

LP 250 Anti-Seize Thread
Sealing Compound

(No. 609) Auto & Marine Anti-Seize

1001 Rust Penetrant

2002 All Purpose Oil

Copper-Based Anti-Seize

Zink Plate Anti-Seize

Mica-Based Anti-Seize

(MIL-PRF-907) High Temperature
Anti-Seize Thread Compound

(MIL-PRF-83483) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Molybdenum Disulfide

(SAE-AMS-2518) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Graphite Petrolatum

(A-A-59313) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Zinc Dust Petrolatum

(LF-AS 3-28 / BMS 3-28 A)
Boeing Anti-Seize

(VVP-236) Petrolatum Technical Light
Lubricating Grease

High-Temperature Anti-Seize Thread Compound

Spec. MIL-PRF-907 | Temp range: Up to +1050°F

National/Federal Stock No. 8030-00-251-3980

This specification covers anti seize compounds for use on threads of steel nuts, studs, bolts and other mating surfaces, including those of superheated steam installations, at temperatures up to 1050 degrees Fahrenheit (°F) (566 degrees Celsius (°C)).

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