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12/34 Miracle Formula®

LP 250 Anti-Seize Thread
Sealing Compound

(No. 609) Auto & Marine Anti-Seize

1001 Rust Penetrant

2002 All Purpose Oil

Copper-Based Anti-Seize

Zink Plate Anti-Seize

Mica-Based Anti-Seize

(MIL-PRF-907) High Temperature
Anti-Seize Thread Compound

(MIL-PRF-83483) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Molybdenum Disulfide

(SAE-AMS-2518) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Graphite Petrolatum

(A-A-59313) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Zinc Dust Petrolatum

(LF-AS 3-28 / BMS 3-28 A)
Boeing Anti-Seize

(VVP-236) Petrolatum Technical Light
Lubricating Grease



Multi-Purpose Professional Grade Aerosol Lubricant Penetrant


Meets MIL Spec MIL-C-23411

12/34 MIRACLE FORMULA® has the most effective ALL-IN-ONE formulation on the market today. Its lubricating, moisture displacing, penetrating and corrosion prevention is unsurpassed in any single product type of its kind. Don't accept substitutes, ask for 12/34 MIRACLE FORMULA® by name.

  1. LUBRICATES: Contains highly refined lubricants which provide superior protection and anti-wear properties.
  2. REMOVES MOISTURE: Moisture is lifted and displaced rather than trapped. Pores and crevices of surface are freed from moisture and are coated with a thin non-greasy film that prevents additional moisture from clinging or reentering.
  3. PENETRATES: Rusted and frozen metal parts - nuts, bolts, studs, pins, etc. - are easily loosened by means of superior "creepability".
  4. PREVENTS RUST & CORROSION: Thin film adheres to metallic surfaces, providing positive temporary protection against the formation of rust and corrosion, including electrolysis and galvanic corrosion common in salt environments.

Industries currently using 12/34®

  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Agricultural
  • Oil Drilling
  • Electronics
  • H.V.A.C.
  • Homeowners


12/34® Non-Flammable
12/34® is easy to use - No mixing or diluting.
12/34® is economical -aerosol coverage 30-40 sq. ft.
        1 Gal covers 4000-5000 sq. ft.
12/34® can be used on Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Solder,  
        Copper, Magnesium and other common metals
12/34® contains NO silicones, kerosene or acrylics
12/34® is harmless to paint

            AVAILABLE IN:            

11 oz. Aerosol
1 Gallon
5 Gallon
55 Gallon Drum
55 Gallon Drum (concentrate)


Originally developed to protect materials in storage and to reclaim materials that has been damaged by weather and salt water exposure. Much of this work was done for the Navy and aircraft industry in corrosion control and rust removal. So successful was the work in the field that the expansion of 12/34® into industrial applications was inevitable. Rust has been called the Navy's second most formidable enemy. 12/34® has been enlisted in the control of corrosion and removal of rust in hundreds of shipboard and shore installations applications. Light aluminum sections and component parts for the aircraft industry have been similarly well protected by 12/34®'s ability to stop corrosive oxidation. Treatment of materials prior to storage can reduce handling costs and maintain such materials until ready for processing. Since no preparatory cleaning is necessary, they may be fed immediately into the production line. And, all materials treated with 12/34® will maintain their resistance to corrosion through manufacture and subsequent shipment.

12/34® is a four function liquid that will REMOVE MOISTURE, PREVENT RUST, PENETRATE AND LUBRICATE. Upon application by aerosol, brush or dipping, 12/34® deposits inhibitors into the grain areas of metal, thereby removing any existing moisture and providing a thin molecular film against further moisture penetration. This invisible micro film remaining after evaporation permits wide latitude of applications, from heavy machinery to intricate instruments & electric boxes.


Ford Motor Company, Central Laboratory Services (Test M-7C54A Rust Preventive for Polished Steel) tested 12/34 MIRACLE FORMULA®. Test data revealed the following:

Water Displacement 24 days, 100°F - NO RUST
Corrosion - Oven Temp 158°F for 30 days - NO RUST
Appearance of film after 24 hrs drying - No cracks or breaks
Flash Point of 178°F
Pour Point of -40°F
Abrasives - None

Contact our Distributors and ask for our 12/34 MIRACLE FORMULA® by name:

Aegis Marine www.mmimarine.com
Aircraft Spruce www.aircraftspruce.com
Applied Industrial Technologies www.applied.com
Aviation Chemical Solutions www.aviationchemicalsolutions.com
Graco Supply & Integrated Services   www.gracosupply.com
Grainger Sourcing www.grainger.com
Hub Auto Supply www.autozone.com
Island Marine Fuel www.islandmarinefuel.com
Johnson Supply Co. www.johnsonsupplycom
Johnstone Supply www.johnstonesupply.com
McJunkin Redman Corp. www.mrcglobal.com
Mesa Performance Parts www.mesaperformance.com
MSC Industrial Direct www.mscdirect.com
National Sealants & Lubricants www.nslaerospace.com
Orange County Appliance Parts www.ocasupply.com
Sanderson Safety www.sandersonsafety.com
Tradewind Inflatables and Marine www.twimarine.com

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