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12/34 Miracle Formula®

LP 250 Anti-Seize Thread
Sealing Compound

(No. 609) Auto & Marine Anti-Seize

1001 Rust Penetrant

2002 All Purpose Oil

Copper-Based Anti-Seize

Zink Plate Anti-Seize

Mica-Based Anti-Seize

(MIL-PRF-907) High Temperature
Anti-Seize Thread Compound

(MIL-PRF-83483) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Molybdenum Disulfide

(SAE-AMS-2518) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Graphite Petrolatum

(A-A-59313) Thread Compound
Anti-Seize Zinc Dust Petrolatum

(LF-AS 3-28 / BMS 3-28 A)
Boeing Anti-Seize

(VVP-236) Petrolatum Technical Light
Lubricating Grease





Armite 2002 All Purpose Oil - designed to meet challenges

Quality products start with quality ingredients which is why Armite uses SHELL OIL COMPANY as one of its main suppliers. Shell oils are formulated from high quality hydro-treated base oils and a combination of zinc free additives that provide excellent oxidative stability, protection against rust & corrosion, low foaming and excellent demulsibility.

  • Strong Control of Oxidation - They use stable, oxidative resistant base oils together with an effective inhibitor package provides high resistance to oxidative degradation. The result is extended oil life, minimizing the formation of aggressive corrosive acids, deposits of sludge, reducing your operating costs.
  • Excellent Rust & Corrosion Protection - Prevents the formation of rust and guards against onset of corrosion ensuring protection for equipment following exposure to humidity or water during operation and during shut-downs, minimizing maintenance.
  • Resistant to Ammonia - The use of highly refined base oils and specific additives, resistant to attack by ammonia, minimizes the possibility of damaging oil soluble/insoluble ammonia compounds being formed in the lubricant.
  • High Resistance to Foaming and Rapid Air Release - Formulated with non-silicone anti-foam additive, which generally controls foam formation. This is coupled with fast air-release from the lubricant reduces the possibility of problems such as excessive wear and premature oil oxidation, giving you increased system reliability.
  • Positive Wear Shedding Properties- Robust demulsibility control such that excess water, common-place in steam turbines, can be drained easily from the lubrication system, minimizing corrosion and premature wear. Lowering risk of unplanned maintenance.

    Viscosity @40°C cSt 32
    Viscosity @ 100°C cSt 5.2
    Pour Point °C <-12
    Flash Point (COC) mg KOH/g .05
    Air Release, Minutes 15
    Water Desmulsibility min 15
    Steam Desmulsibility sec 150
    Acid number mg KOH/g 0.004
    Total acid number mg KOH/g 0.05

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            AVAILABLE IN:            

8 oz. Extending Spout Can


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