Armite Lubricants’ 12|34® Formula – Premium

Armite Lubricants’ 12|34® Formula is Certified by the Department of Defense under QPL-81309 to MIL-PRF-81309 Rev. H. Armite Lubricants’ 12|34® Formula is sold in an Aerosolized Can, in Bulk, in Concentration & in an Industrial Spray Bottle). As to the comparability of Armite 12|34® & WD-40, 12|34® is so different from WD-40’s original formula sold today in DIY stores. Armite’s 12|34® Formula is Non-Flammable, it truly works as a high-quality lubricant, it acts as a significant rust penetrant (and penetrates rust quickly), it is an amazing corrosion inhibitor, it places an invisible layer/film on the application/product/device to prevent rust from occurring or recurring, and it actually removes moisture & permanently displaces water (without trapping the water to the area applied). It is also harmless to paint, plastics, rubber, and fabric. It even starts ignitions and dries wet ignitions. As 12|34® Formula is non-flammable, whereas direct competing products are typically highly flammable, not only is 12|34® Formula typically safer during application/usage, but it creates a safer inventory/storage environment as well.

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